I have been involved with the occult and with divination especially for over half a century. After much urging, I have agreed to share my knowledge of cartomancy – divination with playing cards – via a series of blog posts. Please do not think of me as an expert, a title I would not claim. I am simply a person with a great deal of experience in the subject which I am willing to impart to anyone seeking to learn the art of playing card divination themselves.

My other blog (http://auntietarot.wordpress.com/) is about the Tarot.

Welcome to It’s In The Cards. I hope you enjoy the blog.

Best wishes,

Auntie Tarot

7 Responses to About

  1. read84 says:

    I am very happy to see this blog! Thanks for the postings. I’m making my own notebook of your blog.

    • auntietarot says:

      Your comment is very kind. The blog is building slowly but I hope it is becoming a useful resource. Others besides yourself have said that they are learning cartomancy by following my blog.


  2. read84 says:

    Does every card have a reverse meaning? I noticed that several cards had no reverse meanings to them, such as the 5 Hearts and the 3 Hearts, to name a few. Thank you so much.

    • auntietarot says:

      Hi Read,

      I intend to write more about reversals in my next post, covering the fact that I don’t give reversed meanings to every card.

      Great to see you are liking this blog.

      Best wishes,


  3. Soulscape says:

    Just found your blog, Auntie, and very happy you decided to share your knowledge. I will be following along.

    Thanks & Blessings,

  4. Ashe Skyler says:

    Howdy, Auntie! I’ve been lurking on here and your tarot blog for a while. Thought I’d let you know I quite enjoy them and I find them very useful, both for understanding the cards themselves and all the history you’ve been so kind as to provide. I’m rather fond of knowing the background stuff. 🙂

    • auntietarot says:

      Hi Ashe,

      This is Tony Willis responding to your comment. I’ve been looking after the blogs recently. Auntie is indisposed at the minute but I’ll pass your appreciation on to her. She will be interested, too, in the link you gave to the cartomancy book by Mohamed Ali. I’ve downloaded it myself from your link and it looks great. Thank you.


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