Cartomancy 101.11 – Summary

Let us make a tally of what has been learned so far.

spades_kingYou have learned the meanings of the fifty-two individual playing cards and how to shuffle and cut the deck. You also know what to do if two cards are dealt off together. You are aware that there are basically two kinds of spread, which I have called positional spreads and storybook spreads. You know what a significator is and how to choose one, and if you have studied the post on court cards you should have a good understanding of how those cards are to be interpreted. The subject of reversed cards has been reviewed. You have learned one particular spread, which you may have noticed contains elements of both the positional and storybook types of spread. And I hope you have experimented with this spread for yourself as well as extracting teaching from the expositions I have made of a short series of example readings.

With all this under your belt, you are ready to move on and learn a storybook spread. And this we will do once the holiday period is over. My other blog, on the Tarot, will continue for another week before taking a holiday break.

About auntietarot
Born in Britain just before the outbreak of the second world war, I was taught basic tarot skills by my maternal grandmother. In the sixties, I joined a Golden Dawn-type esoteric school, passing through the curriculum and becoming an instructor in ritual etiquette and the making and consecration of talismans. At the beginning of the eighties, I left the school to plow my own furrow in areas such as tarot and astrology. Since my retirement I have spent time researching the occult history of the tarot and the various ways the tarot has been used for divination in the past.

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