Cartomancy 101.9 – Another Actual Reading

I’m using a reading from my files to illustrate two further situations which those starting to learn cartomancy will run up against sooner or later. I was consulted by a woman who wanted to know about her business prospects. She had recently been part of team that had lost a prestigious client. The company she worked for was understandably not-best-pleased with this turn of events. The team had lost out on a big bonus, and the woman was concerned that she might even lose her job.

She shuffled the pack. I made the cut and laid out the spread. As I dealt off the third card, two cards came out, as if stuck together. When this happens, allow both cards to be part of the reading. Place them side by side. In a positional spread, have them both occupy the same position – the first house, say, in a horoscope spread. When I had laid out all the cards, the pattern on the table before us looked like this:-

Queen Diamonds reversed:     4 Spades, King Diamonds/6 Hearts, 8 Diamonds, 4 Hearts, 3 Clubs

Diamonds predominate. If you recall, the Diamonds suit indicates: “Life outside the home – the practical, material side of life, especially that part concerning money.” That sums up well the area the lady consulting the cards was most interesting in having news of.

Her state of mind at the time of the reading is represented by the Queen of Diamonds. This describes her as active, outward-looking and enterprising. The card is reversed. The meaning on the list for the Queen of Diamonds reversed is, “This woman is flirtatious.” Now I’m immediately going to reject that interpretation. Reversed cards can be viewed in several ways; the meaning on the list is merely a guideline. This applies to all reversed meanings.

Sometimes reversed cards represent the opposite of what they signify when upright. Check what is said on the list about the 6 of Clubs. When upright it predicts financial aid or success. Upside down, it symbolizes the reverse: Ambitions thwarted. At other times, the upright meaning is only tweaked when the card is in reverse. Among other things, the 10 of Clubs upright can signify travel. When reversed, it can point to more exotic “distant travel”, thus extending or expanding the upright meaning. Another example of an upright meaning being extended in one direction or another is the 8 of Swords. Upright the card describes a situation where plans don’t work out and/or friends let one down. Reversed it indicates “a more serious state of affairs still”: plans fail so disastrously that one suffers financially or the indiscretion of a friend damages one’s reputation.

With court cards, the cartomancer has a further alternative to consider. The upright card can represent a person in her (or his) element, someone for whom all’s right with the world. The other side of the coin is that the reversed card can be telling us that the individual signified by the card is downcast, anxious or feeling like a fish out of water. That is how I interpreted the Queen of Diamonds reversed in this reading. The inquirer retains the enterprising and vivacious personality predicted of her by the upright card, but now, because the card is reversed, she is shown as worried and disheartened.

The next card in the line tells us why she feels this way. Although it confirms what we already know, take note of the configuration. If we were unaware that the inquirer had lost out on a bonus and in addition had fears of being fired, this card – the 4 of Spades – would have been a big clue as to the kind of thing she was worried about. It indicates business or money worries, and in this instance, both meanings apply.

As the King of Diamonds and the 6 of Hearts were drawn at the same time, they should be read together. One of two things will happen. Either the cards will back one another up, or the second card will flesh out the meaning of the first. The latter of these alternatives applies here. The King of Diamonds indicates a person – a man with a degree of authority or influence. Most probably he holds this status within the firm for which the inquirer works because he is represented by a Diamond card, and the suit of Diamonds points, as we have just seen, to the area of life outside the home that is connected to how a person earns their living. The card is upright so this man seems more a friend than an enemy to our inquirer.

This is confirmed by the 6 of Hearts, the card with which the King is conjoined. Its meaning is, “someone takes care of you, or takes a warm interest in you”, indicating that this man is looking out for the inquirer’s best interests. One of the other meanings for this card – “unexpected good luck” – may also come into play seeing as it stands next to the 8 of Diamonds.

diamonds 8-keyThe 8 of Diamonds forecasts either a new job or a change in business prospects. The problem of which meaning to choose is solved as soon as we look to the card following the 8 of Diamonds. It is the 4 of Hearts and it too signifies a change in business prospects. Linking the meanings of all three cards together, as any cartomancer must learn to do in order give effective readings, we can say:-

Someone in authority at the inquirer’s place of work is going to take her under his wing. Very likely he will move her to another department or place her in a new team. Either way she will be given the opportunity to show her mettle. What she makes of this opportunity will be up to her, but as Diamond-types are go-getters we can assume she will do her level best to succeed in her new post.

The final card in the reading is the 3 of Clubs, which has two meanings, both of which are applicable here. It can signify a favorable long-term proposition (which answers the question ‘Will I be fired?’ No you’ll be with the firm for quite a while), and it can show a person being given a second chance. Having been part of a project that went belly up, she will, by the good offices of her benefactor, be presented with the opportunity to redeem her reputation. At which point the reading ends. How the story continues is entirely in the inquirer’s own hands.

We should still consider the 8 of Diamonds to be the central card of the group of five cards that stands apart from the first card. Even though in this case there are six cards to take account of, we treat the King of Diamonds and the 6 of Hearts as if they filled just one space. The change in career prospects predicted by the 8 of Diamonds is pivotal in this reading. In specially produced packs of playing cards with designs oriented towards fortune-telling, this 8 is sometimes depicted with a key on it. (See illustration.) It is the key to opportunity, and this is what the inquirer’s mentor will be offering her when he has her relocated to a new department or a different team.

When can she expect this opportunity to present itself? Well, the predominant suit is Diamonds and the card representing the change is also a Diamond. This suit favors quickness, rapidity, and so I told my inquirer she should expect good news sooner rather than later. My intuition said it would occur in under two weeks and I went with my intuition. In fact, it took seven working days. My inquirer was given a position working directly under one of the head honchos in the firm, whom she learned later had personally requested her secondment. With my predictions in mind, she pulled out all the stops and through her drive, ability and good spirits, her stock rose in everyone’s estimation. As far as I am aware, she continues to work for the same firm.

About auntietarot
Born in Britain just before the outbreak of the second world war, I was taught basic tarot skills by my maternal grandmother. In the sixties, I joined a Golden Dawn-type esoteric school, passing through the curriculum and becoming an instructor in ritual etiquette and the making and consecration of talismans. At the beginning of the eighties, I left the school to plow my own furrow in areas such as tarot and astrology. Since my retirement I have spent time researching the occult history of the tarot and the various ways the tarot has been used for divination in the past.

3 Responses to Cartomancy 101.9 – Another Actual Reading

  1. read84 says:

    Thank you so much for posting these readings. They are very informative, interesting, and certainly help me to learn your method of Cartomancy. I look forward to your posts very much. Thank you for taking the time and energy to continue this great blog! Read

  2. Very interesting article, thank you. Can you tell me what deck the 8 of Diamonds is from, above? thank you!

    • auntietarot says:

      I’m sorry but I’m unable to help you. I snaffled this image from the Net and I don’t remember there being any details about the deck it’s from. I saw two or three decks of this kind in my youth, back in the first half of the twentieth century. I haven’t come across them more recently. They are now very rare, I understand.

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