Cartomancy 101.4 – Suit of Spades


Ace of Spades: Misfortune. The card is sometimes associated with death or, more often, a difficult ending. Reversed: Serious misfortune, loss of something or someone dear to the inquirer.

King of Spades: A very dark-haired man. An ambitious man, perhaps self-serving. Reversed: He is the inquirer’s enemy or rival.

Queen of Spades: A very dark-haired woman. A widowed or divorced woman. An unscrupulous woman. Reversed: Plots and scandal.

Jack of Spades: A very dark-haired youth. A spiteful and prying young person, who only pretends to be a friend.

10 of Spades: Misfortune and worry. Unwelcome news. Reversed: Sickness, mourning.

9 of Spades: Bad luck in all things. Destruction, ruined hopes; death. Depression and low energy. Extreme anxiety. The same when reversed.

8 of Spades: Trouble and disappointment ahead. Plans go awry. Friends let you down. Cancellations. Reversed: A still more serious state of affairs – deceit, plots, even immorality.

7 of Spades: Loss of friendship or loss of a friend. An unexpected burden. A warning of losses and sorrow. Reversed: Accident or upset.

6 of Spades: Small changes and improvements. Reversed: Bigger changes, significant improvements.

5 of Spades: Reverses and anxieties, but eventual success. Reversed: Eventual success is not guaranteed.

4 of Spades: Illness. Business or money worries. Broken promises. Reversed: A turn of events for the better.

3 of Spades: Severance or separation in love or marriage. Sometimes indicates a third person intruding on a relationship. Reversed: Confusion; a confused situation or confusion of mind.

2 of Spades: Separation, scandal, gossip and deceit. Difficult changes. Reversed: An uncongenial atmosphere.

About auntietarot
Born in Britain just before the outbreak of the second world war, I was taught basic tarot skills by my maternal grandmother. In the sixties, I joined a Golden Dawn-type esoteric school, passing through the curriculum and becoming an instructor in ritual etiquette and the making and consecration of talismans. At the beginning of the eighties, I left the school to plow my own furrow in areas such as tarot and astrology. Since my retirement I have spent time researching the occult history of the tarot and the various ways the tarot has been used for divination in the past.

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